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Customs is the place of control of documents and goods imported, exported and transited.
Goods that are supposed to cross the borders of a country are initially imported into customs in order to carry out legal formalities for transit and clearance.

To facilitate customs formalities, it is necessary to take steps before entering the goods:
• Consultation and careful examination of the tariff, value and customs regulations related to the product
• Receive documents and set up proforma
• Inspection and insurance of goods as necessary
• Transportation of imported or exported goods
• Receiving business licenses (order registration), standard, health and ...
• Collecting and arranging documentation for an electronic-expressing

After referral by the owner of the goods or broker to the site ( and completion of the declaration (clearance, warehouse bill, bill of lading, invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, trade permit, and business card, the customs formalities are as follows:

• Print a declaration
• Matching documents and authentication
• Determine the route
• Assessment and expertise
• Depositing customs duties
• Load permission
• Declare the load and register the warehouse ID
• Issuance of load delivery receipts
• Loading and Checking the load from the exit door
• Customs clearance

In all customs of the world, customs clearance is the customs empowered personality
in the proper implementation of the regulations and their services are very important in terms of the complexity and technicality of customs formalities. If you choose us to advance this process and intend to clear your import and export shipments, we will guarantee timely delivery of your goods.

Specialized clearance areas:
• Raw materials, petrochemical products and refineries from Bandar Abbas and Arak Customs
• Industrial machines and components and parts from the customs of Bandar Abbas and Tehran
• Iron and other metal products from Imam Khomeini Port Customs
• Electronic and laboratory parts of Tehran customs (ground and air)