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International Freight

International Freight

As international shipping is considered one of the most sensitive business processes, it requires obtaining permits. Therefore, the Tehranpishro Company with years of experience will help you in this regard.

The terms of delivery are rules according to which the buyer and seller's responsibilities are determined in relation to the order of delivery, the payment of insurance costs, the charges, and the assumption of the potential risk of loss of goods in the transit route.

Guarantee your goods from origin to destination
The first issue about the purchased item, which its delivery costs thousands of dollars of money as well as time cost, is the transfer of ownership.
The second issue relates to the person who organizes it and pays the shipping cost.
The third issue is pointing out who is responsible for the risk of loss or damage to the cargo along the route.

Types of Tehranpishro transportation services:
Ex Works

Delivery of goods at work
Free On Board

Delivery of goods on deck
Cost and Freight

Transportation costs of goods to the destination port
Cost Insurance and Freight

Cost of insurance and the hire of goods to the destination port